Ready to join our ReLaunch Community?

“It was such a confidence boosting exercise and I feel much less alone and daunted than I did before I started the course!” – ReLaunchee

Are you thinking of returning to work after a break?
Do you want to clarify your professional goals?
Would you like to give back to the community?

What is ReLaunch?

ReLaunch helps professional women who have been out of the workforce identify strengths, build confidence, define their goals and take considered next steps.

The ReLaunch four-part workshop provides a supportive and inspiring atmosphere in which to goal set and action plan. Workshops take place in small groups (no more than 8 women per group) and are led by experienced coaches and facilitators.

After the course, participants report feeling more confident and motivated to move forward with their plans.

The Programme Includes:

  • The four-part workshop
  • Monthly coffee mornings with your workshop cohort after completion
  • Access to our online community and networking platform
  • Skilled Volunteering opportunities through Link UP London’s volunteering programme
  • A nominal fee of £250 for the entire course (including access to the ReLaunch Community)

Members of the ReLaunch Community can also enjoy:

Additional support sessions led by experts (e.g. LinkedIn, demystifying social media, CV writing and much more!)

Inspirational networking events and activities

Follow-on mentoring support

Why do we need ReLaunch?

Professional women out of the workforce

A lack of flexibility and social support drives many professional women from the workforce in order to care for their families. When they are ready to return, often years later, their confidence has suffered and there are challenges to convincing employers of their value.

Re-engaging with skills

Many women who are out of the workforce question their skills. These are skills that have usually been built over years of specialised experience, and often women feel that they are no longer relevant in the modern workplace. Some women will decide that, while they would like to re-engage, they may be ready to consider a new career path but are unsure of how to move forward.

Support networks

Women can create many obstacles for themselves. A supportive network of like-minded women offers an invaluable sounding board and cheerleading team to overcome challenges. ReLaunch workshop participants bond over shared issues and encourage one another with new ideas and directions.

Taking steps forward

Having a goal and action plan with defined steps is a great way to get back on your feet. We offer add-on courses, inspiring events, and short-term skilled volunteering projects to build confidence and emphasise the value of ReLaunchee’s skills. ReLaunch participants are not required to volunteer, but those who do volunteer find it to be a great stepping stone back into the workforce…

If you’ve had a career break and are now ready to make a plan for your future get in touch with us at:

Or express interest through our form here!