SignHealth is a charity that helps deaf people gain access to health and wellbeing services that are aimed at hearing people. They run 6 care homes that offer 24 assistance to deaf people dealing with complex mental health issues. They also run DeafHope a service for individuals caught up in domestically abusive situations, and Young DeafHope which teaches young deaf people about healthy relationships.

Over 31 hours over several months

SignHeath wants your help developing partnerships with local schools to promote their Sign2Sing event. The volunteer will need to research, identify and contact local schools to tell them about the Sign2Sign event and get them on board the programme. The event engages local schools and business in performing a pop song in sign language to their community to raise funds and awareness of deafness. Funds from Sign2sing will help SignHealth continue their work with young and old deaf members of the community to access services and live full lives.

We are looking for someone with research skills to help with the project. Experience in fundraising or partnerships would also be useful!