In the heart of the monumental Battersea Power Station development site, a group of women with a desire to tackle issues related to returning to work got stuck into the big questions surrounding the modern workplace. 

Led by Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan, and hosted by Link UP London’s ReLaunch programme, the packed out Village Hall left all in attendance feeling inspired to re-frame their own understanding of the contemporary workplace. The night was highly informative, with everyone coming away having learnt something new!

Lisa and Deb took on the research surrounding the issue and, in the process, found out some staggering statistics:

  • 84% of women want to return to work.
  • 47% of those who return, go back to a different sector.
  • Organisations lose £2,000,000 a year as a result of lost talent.

As a result of their research, the pair began mapping out the details of a book which acts as a guide for those looking to return to work. Of course, the book is focused on the issue of women in the workplace, but it is equally as vital others returning to work and, even more so, for employers.

See gallery below for a selection of pictures from our event!

The ReLaunch Programme

Link UP London’s ReLaunch programme, at its conception, sought to deal with the same issues identified by the She’s Back team. Through dealing with the recruitment of skilled volunteers on a daily basis, Link UP came to understand the deep issue of wasted talent of women out of the workplace.

From this on-the-ground research, Link UP began to formulate a programme that would support these talented individuals to make an impact on society. This resulted in ReLaunch, a programme that helps women build confidence, see the value of their skills, and empowers them to pursue their goals.

Information on upcoming ReLaunch workshops can be found on our Facebook page and email for more!


“The network of women I met whilst on the ReLaunch programme has been so important. It has been invaluable to know that I am not alone in trying to work out where my working life fits in around children”

“I feel truly supported and with a renewed confidence, which means less fear, a readiness to re-engage with my career and to take some risks”

“Just do it! Nothing to lose, everything to gain, by activating a supportive network of ladies and making time for your journey toward new goals”