Lambeth Made and Link UP London are working together to ensure that Lambeth’s many children’s charities benefit from the enormous talent pool of local skilled professionals seeking to offer their time and talents to local causes that need their support.

What is Lambeth Made?

Lambeth Made is a programme, working to make Lambeth one of the best places in the world for children and young people to grow up.

There are 67,900 children and young people in Lambeth all of whom are put at the heart of all of Lambeth Made’s collective thinking, planning and action.

Through partnerships across the whole borough, Lambeth Made challenges everyone to take action in their schools, communities, businesses or organisations and be guided by the voices of children and young people.

Partnership Vision

With a strong network of Social Good Organisations in Lambeth, our new partnership with Lambeth Made will allow us to redirect the wealth of talent found across the borough back into its grassroots. We are looking forward to matching local skilled volunteers with charities to help them build their capacity and improve the outcomes of children and young people in Lambeth.