When we, Link Up, needed a website to promote our activity, it resulted in an excellent example of how a Link Up project can work. India volunteered her services as a Link Up Consultant.

“This was a great opportunity to develop my skills further and create a website from inception to final product. I’m really pleased that Link Up now has a website that will allow them to showcase their work to a wider audience.”  India – Link Up volunteer

The Problem:  As a new initiative, Link Up needed a website to promote our activity. However, we knew that we didn’t have the funds to afford the website we wanted, one which could provide information on who we are and what we are trying to do, a database of searchable opportunities. So, we decided to put the website out as a Link Up opportunity.

The Solution:  We put the website out as a Link Up opportunity. We were extremely lucky that India Dearlove was interested in gaining more experience with website development. She had already created a few sites and has decided that she would like to pursue web development in the future.

The Result: We were provided with a clean, modern, user-friendly site and it gave India the chance to scale-up her skills and knowledge. While working on our site, she has been commissioned to create three additional sites for a fee and has now been offered a full time position in the tech department of a start-up. We are incredibly grateful to India for her amazing work and wish her every success in the future.

“The website that India developed for us will have significant impact on our ability to communicate our work and available opportunities. It will substantially increase our visibility within the community.”  Kim – Link Up