Community based charity, the Katherine Low Settlement needed someone to assess the KLS community centre and develop a strategy for refurbishment. Belen took on the project.

The Katherine Low Settlement (KLS) is a charity working in Battersea for over 90 years on community projects to support children and families, older people and newly-arrived communities.

I was respected and trusted to deliver, and I did it! I’m now ready to be challenged furtherit fulfilled both sides, it helped the community but also helped me put myself forward and do something I don’t normally think I can do – it pulled me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to apply my skills and realize I can do it.”  Belen – volunteer consultant

The Problem: KLS’ community centre has been refurbished in stages over the decades, making it welcoming but a little quirky and lacking coherence. They wanted a fresh pair of professional eyes to assess the building regarding its interior design, furniture, fittings and storage; and then offer recommendations to improve the facilities for the benefit of local people in Battersea.

The Solution: Belen went to KLS on Thursday mornings for two hours over two months while her youngest child was in nursery. While her background is in policy, Belen is interested in interior design and has taken courses to learn more about it. She wanted to apply what she has learned and this project was an opportunity to do just that in a way that benefited the community.

The Result: Belen presented her findings and recommendations to the CEO and premises team, who are now incorporating these into their plans for the coming year.  She will continue to support the Katherine Low Settlement with an archive project next.

Belen was great. She discreetly made her assessment without disturbing groups, and presented back some really practical recommendations that we will make happen over the coming year – giving KLS a much needed make over.” Aaron – Katherine Low Settlement