3Pillars Project supports young people who are in custody or are at risk of entering the Criminal Justice System, to re-engage with society and employment. They deliver sports-based mentoring interventions through structured 8 week courses in custody in addition to post release employment support mentoring.

Total length of project: 60 hours over 4 months

The volunteer would develop a comprehensive funding strategy, with an emphasis on identifying and developing long term corporate partnerships, to support 3Pillars both financially, and in-kind through employment workshops, mentoring and work experience days. The fundraising efforts will support their new programme, the Community Gym Pathway. This strategy would be underpinned by personal engagement, the development of written materials, applications, and creation of events.

We are looking for someone with experience in fundraising, campaigning and communications. 3Pillars would hugely benefit from someone with strategic insight and a business network, to establish meaningful relationships with businesses that would be willing to support their work financially and share their business skills with the vulnerable adults and young people that 3Pillars work with.