Doddington & Rollo Roof Garden exists to encourage gardening and enjoyment of a green space on the Doddington & Rollo Estates in Wandsworth. The organisation’s committee members work to make the garden accessible to local people through regular openings, organised classes and seasonal fun days, volunteer days and shared meals.

Commitment: 10 hours per week for 6 weeks, beginning on 22 July or sooner

The Doddington & Rollo Roof Garden is looking to run a 6-week summer programme that extends the garden’s opening hours plus hosts a series of workshops, with all activities being free and open to the community. These will include areas such as gardening skills, health, family fitness classes, art, music and wellbeing. The organisation is seeking a volunteer to help manage this programme, coordinate the timetable; promote the programme via leaflets, social media and other appropriate methods; create a process to monitor participation at events and generate feedback for reporting purposes. Ideally, they would also like the Event Organiser/Project Coordinator to be able to open the garden and be present for some of these sessions as well.

For this role we are looking for a talented volunteer with the skills to take on an events-leaning project management role. The volunteer will have plenty of experience with events and, if possible, with programme management.