Waste Not Want Not is a social endeavour aiming to tackle food poverty and social isolation, divert food waste, and promote sustainability. They collect surplus food from local traders and distribute it to the community. They also provide catering services in order to raise funds.

Length of project: 15 – 20 hours

Waste Not Want Not has recently received a grant to pay for a web developer and a branding expert. They are in need of support with recruiting these professionals and getting the most out of them, which would include writing a brief and setting success criteria, assessing applications, and assessing work completed against initial criteria. The organisation expect this to take initially around 4-8 hours to write the brief, and then two further sessions of 3 hours to support in assessments.

Experience in recruitment is essential for this role, and any connection to either Branding/Marketing or Web Development will greatly help any individual in this post.