Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia needed support to raise awareness about their activities. Former marketing professional Catherine got involved.

I really enjoyed my experience with Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia. Not only did it help me learn about dsylexia and the challenges of being a small charity trying to bring about a big change, but it also assisted me back into employment after my career break. It was so important for me to feel that I could offer them something useful, I do hope that they continue to use the database I’ve created to promote their activities.’ Catherine – Link Up volunteer

The Problem: Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia is a small charity aiming to make a big difference for children and adults with dyslexia in southwest London. They were in need of a marketing strategy to help them more effectively promote their activities/events to local schools and colleges to raise awareness to what they are doing and the services they offer.

The Solution: Catherine has a background in marketing and wanted to use her experience to help a local charity do its work better during her career break. Catherine worked closely with Aspire2Inspire to identify an initial strategy that would benefit the organisation most effectively and then as a first step put together a database of local schools and colleges for Aspire2Inspire to continue to use. She drafted an email template to go out and made followed up calls.

The Result: Aspire2Inspire now has a database of schools, colleges and universities that it can use to disseminate information about their activities. After the initial outreach that Catherine helped them with, they have now started a homework club for children with dyslexia.

We were very happy with the support we received from Catherine! As a result of her work with us we have been in contact with schools and colleges throughout south London and we have been able to start a new dyslexia homework club that already has a waiting list! Elizabeth Kwarteng-Amaning – Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia