Who We Are

Charity, Community and Business working in Partnership


Happy to Help

There are many people like you who have skills and time they would like to share but don’t always know how to go about doing this.

Link UP provides skills-based volunteering in a structured and professional environment for people to undertake meaningful projects that have flexible time commitments. Whatever your skills may be – design, finance, marketing, photography, to name only a few, they are needed in your community.

Connecting the Community

Link UP aims to strengthen communities by connecting available resources (skills) to need (charities who need those skills). In doing so, individuals and groups who might not have met otherwise, learn about each other, improve understanding and become more connected.

Good News for Charities

Charities are feeling the pinch from dwindling financial support and can struggle to access the resources they need to have the impact they desire.

Volunteer consultants’ professional skills, energy and talents increase charitable organisations’ effectiveness in reaching those who need them most.

And Healthy Too...

Volunteering has been proven to have a positive impact on health and confidence. It is a great way to get to know others and provides an opportunity to practise existing skills or learn new ones. It allows for new experiences and affords a sense of achievement and much, much more…

Share your strengths, not just your skills!

Not all our projects require a specific skill; rather they need certain types of strengths. Everyone has different things they are good at and comfortable doing. These can range from being a good communicator, to the ability to multitask, to being a quick learner, to adaptability to new situations.  You can be a good leader or have great attention to detail or maybe you are a natural problem solver.

So before you decide you do not have a skill to contribute, think about your strengths and take a look at our projects; some of what you have to offer may be just what is needed!



  • Projects are structured and time bound.
  • Time commitments vary according to the project, organisational need and volunteer availability.
  • All efforts will be made to ensure projects are a good fit for both the organisation and volunteer consultant.
  • All projects will be monitored and reviewed.



  • Anyone with a professional skill to share is very welcome as a volunteer.
  • All charitable organisations based in the borough of Wandsworth and Lambeth are eligible to apply for volunteers.
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